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BMW Motorcycles

Das Deutsche motorrad

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This is a community for discussions and information about BMW Motorcycles of all types. If it has a roundel, it's worth talking about! Airheads, oilheads, flying bricks, even the "chain gang" FS650s! Bring it on and talk.

Owners and riders of other makes and models are welcome to share their experiences as well. I think most motorcycle owners have something valuable to share. Heck, even if you just *want* a bike, pipe up! Basically this is a discussion forum for well-behaved folks (subtle hint.) Oh, and for-sale ads are OK but only from regular listers, not folks who only want to use this forum as their own personal eBay. Again, lets keep it reasonable...

Lets have fun and keep the shiny side up!

Links - you got some you wanna share?

BMW Motorrad

BMW SportTouring

RT-P Enthusiasts Fanpage

BMW road test links

BMW Riders Association

Boston Vintage Sidecar

BMW Owners of America



The House of Cool Beemers

Snowbum's Technical Articles

Vintage BMW resources

Flying Brick.de

Internet BMW Riders

PDF/zipped service/repair manuals:

Download an R850/1100/1150/1200C PDF service manual here

Download an R1100S zipped service manual here

Download an R1150GS zipped service manual here

Download an R1150RT zipped service manual here

Download a K1200 zipped service manual here

Download a K1100LT/RS PDF service manual here

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BMW bikes are love
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"An 'über-strasse luxo-barge'TM that was made for eating the miles along intercontinental strasse e la stradas" - badseeds