The Best Day of My Life

I felt the way bride's are supposed to feel on their wedding day. I've never felt that way before, not even on my wedding days. But standing in the basement of Big Sky BMW, looking at the lowered, silver BMW F650 GS, my heart fluttered with so much excitement, I couldn't tell if I was excited, terrified, or about to pass out. All I knew was, I was in love. Not infatuated, not lustful- passionately, certainly, definitely gazing at my beloved.

The next morning, after a night of wondering if I was good enough to ride such a masterpiece, I took it for a test drive. I wanted to hate it, to find something wrong with my dream of making this motorcycle my most prized possession. It was $9,000 for goodness sake! I don't have $9,0000! I didn't know what to expect. I didn't learn to ride a motorcycle until five years ago, when I was 38. My first bike was a 500cc Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser, which I sold three years ago. I haven't ridden anything bigger than my 150cc Derbi Boulevard scooter since.

Well, if there is a such thing as a perfect wedding night - I had it. When I got back to the dealership, I said, "I'm not giving you the keys back. So you might as well give me some paperwork to sign." Sixty months, 4.9% financing, now I need a second job.

For our honeymoon, me, my bike (I named her Maggie May), my husband and his 2000 Honda Interceptor (no name, shown in photo on right), rode 175 miles along one of the best motorcycle roads in the northwest. We ate, slept, made love, and rode back. I was exhausted. Maggie May handled so beautifully, it felt like all I had to do was think about the turn and I was turning.

This summer, I plan to ride to Banff and over the Beartooth Highway. Perhaps, someday, I will join the ranks of amazing women like Tiffany Coates. For now, I need to practice smooth shifting and ride a few logging roads to get in shape.

Holy Sh!t!!

May I introduce the brand spanking new BMW R1200 Sport Boxer.
140bhp, 195kg (fully-fuelled) and to be competing in the Le Man 24-hour on the weekend.
£12k to you squire, available in 2008.
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Opinions on vintage BMW

Hi, I just joined so I'll start with a little intro. I'm joolzyulejoelle, 37, from Belgium. Hi! *waves*
I'm madly in love with the old BMW's (and all other vintage bikes, like Norton, Thriumph, etc) and I'm thinking of getting one, probably a R75/5 or similar. Now, my bf just spotted one the other day, from '74, in very very good shape (and caferacer style above all!!!).
My question was if anyone has any experience with vintage BMW's. I know they are very reliable but even the best have their weaknesses. And I wanna know them all, 'cause I don't want my motorcycle to spend all it's time at a shop. :D
Thanks for the input.

200 miles under the belt

Well as the subject dictates the R1200S has now used its first tank of petrol. A 200 mile tank range ain't too shabby. It hits reserve at about 150 miles then warns you via the dash and counts the range down from about 55 miles. Giving plenty of warning to find a petrol station. Could have speced a fuel gauge as part of the 'on board computer' option, but it's a factory fitted option and not a very popular one judging by the spec list of bikes coming into the UK.
The ride is fantastic! The throttle response is crisp and the drive is very smooth, none of the stuttering that can be associated with fuel injected bikes. The Ohlins does and amazing job of keeping the bike composed. It feels very nimble and lithe. It turns in quite fast (well faster turn in than the VFR) and changes direction quickly too. In fact it reminded me of the CBR600RR  I rode at Donington Park at the Ron Haslam Race School. Much less cumbersome than the VFR although similar weight. I'm so looking forward to getting it past the first service so I can give it a bit more stick and see what she can really do. Keeping it at 3.5k rpm is a nightmare!
The sound is lovely too, even with the stock exhaust but I think it really does need the Akrapovic to release the bark of the big twin.
So to summarise, its a great bike, I'm loving it. :o)
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What to do while waiting for your new bike.......

Yup, its a paper Yamaha M1 (Looks like the colour version has updated colours).
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Not the quickest thing to build and quite fiddly in places but, at last, it's complete. Kept my mind off the time waiting to pick up the new bike.
Glad I didn't have to paint it as well.
I should get on with the Tamiya model kit of Rossis 2002 RC211V that was bought for my birthday a few years back too.....
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Hi there,
I'd just thought I'd say hi on this community as I have just joined.
I thought it was apt as I will be picking up my new R1200S on Monday.
Very much looking forward to it.

Happy riding..
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(no subject)

I'm thinking of dumping my R100/7 on ebay.

I haven't ridden it in almost two years. The tranny got a leak around the shifter bushing and I just haven't had time to fix it. Any thoughts on a price? While I'd like to think someone would be interested in keeping it running, I'd imagine most people would rather part it out... Anyone here also living near enough to DC interested in buying it?

Track Day

I just found out that BMW does track day at Summit Point and Virginia International Raceway a couple times a year. It's $225 for the day, including training and lunch. I don't know anything about VIR, but I spent a week driving police cars at Summit Point back in the late eighties. The idea of throwing the LT around it has potential.

Has anyone done this before?