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R1100R Mirror bluuuuuuuur blues.

Ok, folks, first post to the community. And I'm starting out with a search for some tech advice.

A bit of quick and hopefully not too dull background. A couple years ago I bought a used '97 R1100R from a friend to use for weekend touring with the wife (my VFR hurts her back as a passenger), and occasional commuting. After letting it sit in the garage for over 18 months (long story) I revived it (short story: new battery, fresh fuel, new plugs, carb sync, TPS adjustment) and all is good with the world. With two minor exceptions.

1: It still suffers (though only mildly) from the well known mid-range hesitation issue. That's actually less noticeable now, after the revival, than before I put it away.

2: At highway speed, the mirrors are effectively a couple of round blurs. That's actually more frustrating than the momentary hesitation.

So, anyone off hand know an easy solution for the mirror vibration? I haven't started checking through the other internet forums as yet, and I suspect there's some after market mirrors that'll cure the issue. Just wanted to start here first, and maybe add a little more life to the group.

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