__Cookie (joolzyulejoelle) wrote in bmwbikes,

Opinions on vintage BMW

Hi, I just joined so I'll start with a little intro. I'm joolzyulejoelle, 37, from Belgium. Hi! *waves*
I'm madly in love with the old BMW's (and all other vintage bikes, like Norton, Thriumph, etc) and I'm thinking of getting one, probably a R75/5 or similar. Now, my bf just spotted one the other day, from '74, in very very good shape (and caferacer style above all!!!).
My question was if anyone has any experience with vintage BMW's. I know they are very reliable but even the best have their weaknesses. And I wanna know them all, 'cause I don't want my motorcycle to spend all it's time at a shop. :D
Thanks for the input.
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