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14 September 2009 @ 12:34 pm
Another plug for Chicago BMW -- new parts at 20% off plus a VERY helpful parts counter guy. Called me up to warn me that BMW upped the price of one of the parts I ordered (+$15, not a huge deal), but I gave him a "while I have you on the phone" and he sounded like he knew the job I was doing ("ripped the splines off, huh? OK, you'll probably also need a new input shaft bearing, and how about a new clutch slave cylinder seal?" "Oh! Forgot about that! Yes please!")

Totally cool to work with, happy to help a customer, knowledgeable. Two thumbs up.
04 July 2009 @ 11:20 pm
Edit: Now with added LJ Cut... picture inside!Collapse )


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03 February 2008 @ 05:29 pm

After doing this and that (full HPE system + kat not arrived yet)  with my  black R12S here's the 10K miles sum-up

Pros : Almost everything. Rather the best real-life sports bike around (VS TuonoR, SP2, Ducati S1000S, Suzuki SV1000 etc etc), Build quality, absolute brakes, switchable ABS, dealer support, reliability, that telelever wonder thing, safe handling on the limit, Ohlins (divine), destroys B/C roads with easy. 

Cons: AWFUL turn left-right-cancel combo (Mercy BMW!), gearbox not that brilliant, heavy clutch (town), slightly "odd" seat (town), motor a bit stretched (beyond 6000rpm), "limited" spread of "real" power (and torque), some flat spots,1st gear a bit loooong (town), odd not linear throttle kinematics (why?), over exposed (to my 16 cats) Motronic forest of injection/sensor wizardry, back Ohlins overexposed to dirt.

I can't think of a better bike for the scope that it's designed. Should I go for the bad boy - HP2S? No thanks (looks terrific -mind).

SERIOUS PROBLEM : bike is losing, gradually, that terrific "new-bike"...erm...smell (especially when hot) > please advise (maybe Motul Shine and Go ? - silicone free)
25 January 2008 @ 04:31 pm
Well friends,

See this > http://www.bmwmotorrad.co.za/bikes/news/default.asp?Id=857

Good news : NOT all boxers are "affected". Mine (R12S Sept 07) is OK

Actions : call your dealer > provide the last 9 digits of your chassis ID number > BMW RDA on line web system can tell:  yes or no...
08 January 2008 @ 02:01 pm
So a friend of mine, who is an excellent mechanic, and from whom I bought this particular bike, asked me if I wouldn't mind if he did a little work on it over the winter.

And... um... well, *mind*? Dude, have a ball.

And he's been sending me pictures ever since.

Here's his main page-o-pics... and the transmission-specific page

This started out as a re-ring.

"A Little Work."


One completely rebuilt R11S later... :-D
07 January 2008 @ 06:00 pm
Well friends,

I'm looking for some decent (slip-on) soundtrack for my R1200S (power increase is meaningless without the front  pipe  assembly).  Is  HPE  any good? I'm not a big fan of Italian made stuff (quality) Has anyone tried other brands?


25 October 2007 @ 02:44 pm
Ok, folks, first post to the community. And I'm starting out with a search for some tech advice.

A bit of quick and hopefully not too dull background. A couple years ago I bought a used '97 R1100R from a friend to use for weekend touring with the wife (my VFR hurts her back as a passenger), and occasional commuting. After letting it sit in the garage for over 18 months (long story) I revived it (short story: new battery, fresh fuel, new plugs, carb sync, TPS adjustment) and all is good with the world. With two minor exceptions.

1: It still suffers (though only mildly) from the well known mid-range hesitation issue. That's actually less noticeable now, after the revival, than before I put it away.

2: At highway speed, the mirrors are effectively a couple of round blurs. That's actually more frustrating than the momentary hesitation.

So, anyone off hand know an easy solution for the mirror vibration? I haven't started checking through the other internet forums as yet, and I suspect there's some after market mirrors that'll cure the issue. Just wanted to start here first, and maybe add a little more life to the group.

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20 August 2007 @ 11:33 am
Well the Rear of the R1200S was never really that amazing looking. I really like under-seat exhausts but the huge silencer of the 'S' never really did it for me....

Here's what the original looked like...Collapse )
And the new HPE slimline exhaustCollapse )

A vast improvement on looks I'm sure you'll agree. :o)
Not a vast improvement on power. Coupled with a K&N it's helped produce 2-3 BHP through out the rev range but most noticeably at the top end. Maybe next year I'll go for the front system too. Which could potentially add about 15 BHP around the mid range which would be very use-able.
I think it looks ace and sounds nice too, gives the beemer a nice low rumble. Just thought I'd share ;o)

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04 June 2007 @ 04:47 pm
Well as promised here's a brief description of a lap of Donington Park as seen by me on board my BMW R1200S.
I had previously ridden Donington Park on a CBR 600RR and had been used to a high revving VFR 800Vtec so jumping on the BMW with its low revving twin I found a bit strange and I hit the rev limiter few times as I was getting gear selection sorted. By the way I'm not a hardened track fiend, nor a racer and I know there were places I could have been faster and/or taken a faster line. But I stayed the right way up and enjoyed myself :o)
I was however very surprised at how many 600cc and 1000cc sports bikes I managed to get past, mainly out braking them on entry into corners, carrying more speed into the corners and out dragging them on the exit.
Here's my lap..
Across the stripe and accelerating into 5th, braking down from about 110mph down to 2nd for Redgate. Kept it wide to the left and tipped in late to give me a good exit onto Craner Curves. I kept the throttle pinned and shifting up to 4th, lifting slightly for the left hander before more throttle then heavy braking and down the 3rd for the Old Hairpin. Hitting the apex here I pinned the throttle again shifting up into 4the for Starkey's Bridge, then into 5th before braking hard for Mcleans. Keeping wide for Mcleans and shifting back down to 3rd to turn in late and accelerate up the hill. Into 4th for a brief moment then back down to 3rd for Coppice, probably the hardest corner on the circuit. Kept wide on the entry and turned in to hit the first apex, running a little wide then back in to hit the next apex then max throttle down the Dunlop Straight, up to 5th and 125mph, keeping to the right preparing for the Esses. Braking very hard and down 3 gears to 2nd for the quick left right of the Esses then back on the gas heading for the Melbourne Loop. Up to 4th then braking late and hard for the slowest 2nd gear corner on the circuit. I took a wide-narrow-wide line through the hairpin and accelerated toward my least favourite corner, Goddards. I took a wide slow line through Goddards as its a bumpy downhill 2nd gear left hander. Avoided the kerb exiting Goddards and pinned the throttle again, up through the gears and over the stripe once more.
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29 May 2007 @ 08:56 am
As the subject says......
The R1200S had its first track outing at the Donington Park GP circuit
I'll post more later (With not very close up pics) when I have a bit more time.

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